Acercar la “moneda del futuro” a través de cajeros automáticos

Since when bitcoin appear in 2009,it has not stopped being an object of polemic for the volatility of his value and his use, but  they are not a few those who believe in the future of this digital currency and they bet for bringing over the ” currency of the future ” across cash dispensers.

The bitcoin is a digital encrypted currency that developed in 2009 across an IT opened platform that is not subject to any regulatory organism or supervisor and that circulates across IT networks door to door. (P2P)

On the 12 of septembre, was installed in Madrid, a cash dispenser of this criptodivisa - the third party in the capital, that has been made by the Spanish company BTC Facil, whereas ATMs Bitcoin Exchange has been the manager of his installation.

The management of the Shopping Center La Castellana 200 assures that in a beginning “they” “were not” “knowing” the possibilities that the cashier could offer of bitcoins for the clients, but as soon as “they” “investigated” on the product, it looked like to them a “positive” offer.

” Still today most of the population does not know the bitcoin or considers it to be distant, but we were not conscious of the number of public inspectors that already it has this virtual currency “, they affirm from the Shopping Center and make clear that, for this reason, they decided ” to try and since it is installed always there are people playing “

Also they indicate that “still it is early” to realize an estimation brought near on the use of the cashier, but they stress that they are ” very satisfied ” with the taken decision bearing in mind ” the interest that BTC Facil generates ”  they underline in the document that they send to the companies that request his services that ” to destroy the bitcoin would be so complicated like to destroy Internet “

The ‘bitcoin’, in phase of (slow) growth

One of the founding partners of  BTC Facil,  Miguel  Ortuño, makes clear that the criptodivisa is still in ” an early phase “, as it happened ” in the 90s with the use of the fax and the unknown e-mail of the epoch “.

Likewise, the company recognizes the disadvantage of bitcoin for his illicit use to realize tax evasions, thefts and swindles, though it affirms that this use is ” very minority ” and that they are realized like with ” money in metal-worker “.

From this type of cashiers, the clients can withdraw the money of his account or digital purse of bitcoin in the shape of Euros or deposit money in Euros to turn it into virtual currency.

The high value of the currency does not suppose ” any difficulty ” for the payments of small quantities, assures Ortuño, since the bitcoin can divide ” in hundred million parts ” and supposes a “revolution” for the new models of business, provided that the payments work without commissions.

” As soon as they begin to know the advantages of the bitcoin it will be of common use and it is something that also we want to show in the cash dispensers, which they include tutoriales of how the currency works “, has added the founding partner of BTC Facil

Nevertheless, the first cashier installed in Madrid in 2014, in the hotel Peaceful One Shot 04 and placed by the company Bitcoin España, was remove already a year ago of the receipt of the establishment, according to sources of the same one.

The cashier was in use, the most , once a month and almost always they were coming with problems with the currency “, it reveals the secretary of the hotel, Ana Estevez.talled

It will be necessary to wait still a few years to see  the future of the bitcoin advances and if really it will be able to overthrow to the metallic money.

How to use a Bitcoin ATM?

The functioning of BTCfácil’s ATMs turns out to be easy and simple for the community. The machine possesses a tactile screen in which several options appear for the purchase and the sale, a pre-established exchange of bitcoins-Euros.

In case of wanting to buy, one must deposit the change in Euros to receive the bitcoins in the mobile, in the indicated direction or in a papper wallet. For the change of cash in Euros, only it is necessary to send the equivalent bitcoin to the direction indicated to receive the tickets. The company created for it an explanatory video that we offer them later: bitcoin ATMs of BTC Facil:  cajeros bitcoin de BTCfácil 


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Bitcoin está sufriendo una evolución comparable a la que vivió internet en los años 90

Two spanish companies, BTC fácil and ATMs Bitcoin Exchange,make, install and manage bitcoin ATMs.

The bitcoin has stopped being an IT curiosity or a technological innovation distant,and it started to be used  daily,by many people.

It´ś about a digital medium of exchange, that started to work in 2009,and it consists essentially in a countable note,in a great distributed database named chain of blocks (blockchain).

 It was born as a community project and of free software, as the operating system linux.It is based on the  cryptography,and it ´s not depending on any gouverment or any company.One of his big advantages is that it can be exchanged almost instantly to real moneye,and also his technological design grants other verry interesting characteristics to it.

Bitcoin, it´s annonymous, you can send it as easy and fast as you send an email, is not necessary the intervention of a third person to perform a international or national transaction, and it´s hard to falsfy ,due to his cryptographic complexity and relocation.

  Though still it is not used massively,  bitcoin is suffering an evolution comparable to the one that lived internet in the 90´,a technology that initially was used by a minority, nowadays makes to us the life unimaginable without it. For his decentralized nature it is not easy to know exactly the volume of money that it moves.

According to the web page, at the beginning of 2016 realizaban200.000 daily transactions, for an amount of 120 million dollars. These numbers are not very removed from those of Western Union (slightly any more than 200 million daily dollars) or PayPal (400 million daily dollars).

ATMs in Spain.

 In Spain the sector of the bitcoin has grown to great speed in the last two years. The company ATMs Bitcoin Exchange was founded in 2015 on Gerona with the aim to install and manage cash dispensers of bitcoins and already it has 20 devices distributed lengthways and width of the country in different autonomous communities:Cataluña, Madrid, Galicia, País Vasco, Asturias, Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia, las Islas Baleares y Andalucía. In addition, the company has begun his international expansion with the placement of a cashier in the French locality of Montpellier, to which they will follow new facilities in Greece, France, Portugal, Dubai, Mexico and Argentina.

.The founder of the company Miquel J. Pavón has it very clear, thinks that ” in the future all the transactions will be realized with bitcoins using the mobile, the physical currency has the few days “To achieve this so important implantation he considers that ” the cashier bitcoin is a key piece in the whole transformation that one approaches because it is what allows to change the physical current currency into the virtual one. The rapid expansion of the company owes to the increase of the demand in the country, Pavón aims that ” the growth of the use of the cashiers is very big “. ATMs Bitcoin Exchange has entrusted the task of creating the cashiers to a company of engineering of the same counterfoil, easy BTC formed by very young technical personnel selected with very strict criteria among the best in every promotion of diverse Spanish universities . They have designed and produced both the hardware and the software of a device of forefront endowed of the highest measured of safety, but simultaneously very easy to use for the client.

 Miguel Ortuño, The Director of Technology of BTC facil,  centres all the efforts of the equipment on the aim of ” do the best cashiers of the market, the trustworthiest and simple to handle.” The company realizes a constant work in order that the devices ” adapt constant to the needs of the final client and also of the operator “. On the other hand he thinks that the terminals are an important tool to inform the clients about the criptomoneda and to must be ” a point of spreading on the bitcoin, his use and all his advantages “.

 The cashier of bitcoins, endowed with a tactile screen, is so easy to use as a traditional cashier, with the advantage of which he has explanatory videoes on the basic aspects of the bitcoin and of the use of the own cashier.In the interior of his framework his principal components are a computer with an operating system linux, a reciclador of tickets, a printer, a system of uninterrupted supply, a safety dongle and a generator of hardware of random numbers.

BTC fácilThe bitcoin wants to help to bring over more to the trade, for it the company has developed a processor of payments that the bitcoin allows to integrate in any business, so much online as traditionally. The platform makes possible that the consumer pays using the criptomoneda and the business receives the amount in Euros or in bitcoin, in the proportion that he prefers.

The advantage of phone mobile

It forms other one in that the bitcoin is coming to the Spanish users is across the mobile phones. Bitphone, also is one Miquel J’s managerial bets. Pavón, allows to recharge the mobile phone using bitcoins, something that it is possible to do for Internet or in his physical shops, four of them already are opened the public in Madrid, Barcelona and Girona, but soon other two will add in Canaries and Alicante.The establishments allow to accede to a wide range of mobile phones, to recharge the telephone using the criptomoneda and in addition they possess a cash dispenser of bitcoins Soon Biphone’s network will spread all over the country since the business opens the possibility the small investors of opening his own establishment as exemption of the chain..

 The force of the bitcoin seems to be unstoppable, the banks do not want to remain out and are betting for using his technology, the chain of block or blockchain to do his transactions. Every time they are more the possibilities of this criptomoneda and the moment does not seem to be very distant in the one that arises unakiller app, an application that provokes that the bitcoin spends to be used massively.In fact the European Parliament also is conscious of his multiple advantages and in his resolution of May, 2016 stands out the potential of the virtual coins to improve and to cheapen financial transactions and mechanisms of payment.

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Las Islas Baleares dispone de su primer cajero automático de bitcoins

Alcúdia have their first bitcoin ATM, from the Balearic Islands.The company with the headquartes in Girona,  ATMs Bitcoins Exchange,has installed the cashier at the Carrer Pollentia,15 B,  number 1, monopoly, and it’s working.

The, “device” , designed for  BTC fácil, allows selling and buying bitcoins.The bitcoins is a digital value exchange method, , that started to work in 2009. It´s about a community project and free software, based on cryptography, and is not controlled by any gouverment or any company.

The bitcoins can be changed almost instantly to real money, and more and more comercials accept it as a way of payment. The bitcoins have more advantages than real money, for exemple: it is annonymous, you can send them as fast and easy as you send an email, is not necesary the intervencion of a third person to perform a transaction national or international, you can fractionate them as you desire, and it is verry hard to falsify,thanks to the cryptographic complexity and offshoring.

In the last year, the bitcoin technology, has woken the interest up of the traditional bank,and more specialists think that btcoin can  revolutionize the financial markets,as much as the internet has done to the communications.

ATMs Bitcoin Exchange,it´s a company ,that has been  founded in january of 2015, in Girona, and it has like objectives to install and manage bitcoins cashiers, and takes part of the same   BTC fácil ,group.For the moment, it has 20 units  in Spain, to that it adds the installation from the Balearic Islands. Also it has started his international expansion, by installing a ATM, in Montpellier.

Helpful video about how to use the cashiers:  cajeros bitcoin de BTCfácil 

Listado de cajeros bitcoin 

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