Acercar la “moneda del futuro” a través de cajeros automáticos

Since when bitcoin appear in 2009,it has not stopped being an object of polemic for the volatility of his value and his use, but  they are not a few those who believe in the future of this digital currency and they bet for bringing over the ” currency of the future ” across cash dispensers.

The bitcoin is a digital encrypted currency that developed in 2009 across an IT opened platform that is not subject to any regulatory organism or supervisor and that circulates across IT networks door to door. (P2P)

On the 12 of septembre, was installed in Madrid, a cash dispenser of this criptodivisa - the third party in the capital, that has been made by the Spanish company BTC Facil, whereas ATMs Bitcoin Exchange has been the manager of his installation.

The management of the Shopping Center La Castellana 200 assures that in a beginning “they” “were not” “knowing” the possibilities that the cashier could offer of bitcoins for the clients, but as soon as “they” “investigated” on the product, it looked like to them a “positive” offer.

” Still today most of the population does not know the bitcoin or considers it to be distant, but we were not conscious of the number of public inspectors that already it has this virtual currency “, they affirm from the Shopping Center and make clear that, for this reason, they decided ” to try and since it is installed always there are people playing “

Also they indicate that “still it is early” to realize an estimation brought near on the use of the cashier, but they stress that they are ” very satisfied ” with the taken decision bearing in mind ” the interest that BTC Facil generates ”  they underline in the document that they send to the companies that request his services that ” to destroy the bitcoin would be so complicated like to destroy Internet “

The ‘bitcoin’, in phase of (slow) growth

One of the founding partners of  BTC Facil,  Miguel  Ortuño, makes clear that the criptodivisa is still in ” an early phase “, as it happened ” in the 90s with the use of the fax and the unknown e-mail of the epoch “.

Likewise, the company recognizes the disadvantage of bitcoin for his illicit use to realize tax evasions, thefts and swindles, though it affirms that this use is ” very minority ” and that they are realized like with ” money in metal-worker “.

From this type of cashiers, the clients can withdraw the money of his account or digital purse of bitcoin in the shape of Euros or deposit money in Euros to turn it into virtual currency.

The high value of the currency does not suppose ” any difficulty ” for the payments of small quantities, assures Ortuño, since the bitcoin can divide ” in hundred million parts ” and supposes a “revolution” for the new models of business, provided that the payments work without commissions.

” As soon as they begin to know the advantages of the bitcoin it will be of common use and it is something that also we want to show in the cash dispensers, which they include tutoriales of how the currency works “, has added the founding partner of BTC Facil

Nevertheless, the first cashier installed in Madrid in 2014, in the hotel Peaceful One Shot 04 and placed by the company Bitcoin España, was remove already a year ago of the receipt of the establishment, according to sources of the same one.

The cashier was in use, the most , once a month and almost always they were coming with problems with the currency “, it reveals the secretary of the hotel, Ana Estevez.talled

It will be necessary to wait still a few years to see  the future of the bitcoin advances and if really it will be able to overthrow to the metallic money.

How to use a Bitcoin ATM?

The functioning of BTCfácil’s ATMs turns out to be easy and simple for the community. The machine possesses a tactile screen in which several options appear for the purchase and the sale, a pre-established exchange of bitcoins-Euros.

In case of wanting to buy, one must deposit the change in Euros to receive the bitcoins in the mobile, in the indicated direction or in a papper wallet. For the change of cash in Euros, only it is necessary to send the equivalent bitcoin to the direction indicated to receive the tickets. The company created for it an explanatory video that we offer them later: bitcoin ATMs of BTC Facil:  cajeros bitcoin de BTCfácil 


Source:  20 minutes