Bitcoin está sufriendo una evolución comparable a la que vivió internet en los años 90

Two spanish companies, BTC fácil and ATMs Bitcoin Exchange,make, install and manage bitcoin ATMs.

The bitcoin has stopped being an IT curiosity or a technological innovation distant,and it started to be used  daily,by many people.

It´ś about a digital medium of exchange, that started to work in 2009,and it consists essentially in a countable note,in a great distributed database named chain of blocks (blockchain).

 It was born as a community project and of free software, as the operating system linux.It is based on the  cryptography,and it ´s not depending on any gouverment or any company.One of his big advantages is that it can be exchanged almost instantly to real moneye,and also his technological design grants other verry interesting characteristics to it.

Bitcoin, it´s annonymous, you can send it as easy and fast as you send an email, is not necessary the intervention of a third person to perform a international or national transaction, and it´s hard to falsfy ,due to his cryptographic complexity and relocation.

  Though still it is not used massively,  bitcoin is suffering an evolution comparable to the one that lived internet in the 90´,a technology that initially was used by a minority, nowadays makes to us the life unimaginable without it. For his decentralized nature it is not easy to know exactly the volume of money that it moves.

According to the web page, at the beginning of 2016 realizaban200.000 daily transactions, for an amount of 120 million dollars. These numbers are not very removed from those of Western Union (slightly any more than 200 million daily dollars) or PayPal (400 million daily dollars).

ATMs in Spain.

 In Spain the sector of the bitcoin has grown to great speed in the last two years. The company ATMs Bitcoin Exchange was founded in 2015 on Gerona with the aim to install and manage cash dispensers of bitcoins and already it has 20 devices distributed lengthways and width of the country in different autonomous communities:Cataluña, Madrid, Galicia, País Vasco, Asturias, Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia, las Islas Baleares y Andalucía. In addition, the company has begun his international expansion with the placement of a cashier in the French locality of Montpellier, to which they will follow new facilities in Greece, France, Portugal, Dubai, Mexico and Argentina.

.The founder of the company Miquel J. Pavón has it very clear, thinks that ” in the future all the transactions will be realized with bitcoins using the mobile, the physical currency has the few days “To achieve this so important implantation he considers that ” the cashier bitcoin is a key piece in the whole transformation that one approaches because it is what allows to change the physical current currency into the virtual one. The rapid expansion of the company owes to the increase of the demand in the country, Pavón aims that ” the growth of the use of the cashiers is very big “. ATMs Bitcoin Exchange has entrusted the task of creating the cashiers to a company of engineering of the same counterfoil, easy BTC formed by very young technical personnel selected with very strict criteria among the best in every promotion of diverse Spanish universities . They have designed and produced both the hardware and the software of a device of forefront endowed of the highest measured of safety, but simultaneously very easy to use for the client.

 Miguel Ortuño, The Director of Technology of BTC facil,  centres all the efforts of the equipment on the aim of ” do the best cashiers of the market, the trustworthiest and simple to handle.” The company realizes a constant work in order that the devices ” adapt constant to the needs of the final client and also of the operator “. On the other hand he thinks that the terminals are an important tool to inform the clients about the criptomoneda and to must be ” a point of spreading on the bitcoin, his use and all his advantages “.

 The cashier of bitcoins, endowed with a tactile screen, is so easy to use as a traditional cashier, with the advantage of which he has explanatory videoes on the basic aspects of the bitcoin and of the use of the own cashier.In the interior of his framework his principal components are a computer with an operating system linux, a reciclador of tickets, a printer, a system of uninterrupted supply, a safety dongle and a generator of hardware of random numbers.

BTC fácilThe bitcoin wants to help to bring over more to the trade, for it the company has developed a processor of payments that the bitcoin allows to integrate in any business, so much online as traditionally. The platform makes possible that the consumer pays using the criptomoneda and the business receives the amount in Euros or in bitcoin, in the proportion that he prefers.

The advantage of phone mobile

It forms other one in that the bitcoin is coming to the Spanish users is across the mobile phones. Bitphone, also is one Miquel J’s managerial bets. Pavón, allows to recharge the mobile phone using bitcoins, something that it is possible to do for Internet or in his physical shops, four of them already are opened the public in Madrid, Barcelona and Girona, but soon other two will add in Canaries and Alicante.The establishments allow to accede to a wide range of mobile phones, to recharge the telephone using the criptomoneda and in addition they possess a cash dispenser of bitcoins Soon Biphone’s network will spread all over the country since the business opens the possibility the small investors of opening his own establishment as exemption of the chain..

 The force of the bitcoin seems to be unstoppable, the banks do not want to remain out and are betting for using his technology, the chain of block or blockchain to do his transactions. Every time they are more the possibilities of this criptomoneda and the moment does not seem to be very distant in the one that arises unakiller app, an application that provokes that the bitcoin spends to be used massively.In fact the European Parliament also is conscious of his multiple advantages and in his resolution of May, 2016 stands out the potential of the virtual coins to improve and to cheapen financial transactions and mechanisms of payment.

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Teléfonos encriptados Blackphone 2 ¡más que simplemente inteligente!

A telephone more than intelligent

Nowadays is more difficult to protect our private information, that`s way we created Blackphone2, because it`s safe and we can protect our privacy. It has as operating system the Android strengthen with a suite of applications designed to offer absolute privacy.

A foundation constructed in pursuit of the privacy

Each Blackphone have PtivatOS, personalized operating system that aproaches the worries of nowadays privacy.

Keep protuctive, keep protected

Blackphone has Silent Circle, a collection of pre-installed applications of privacy, which are activated to be used for a year.


Spaces allows to the user to have in one device two accounts: one for personal life and one for work. Is directing specially to the companies, organizations of Government or individuals, and allow to the administration of TI to block and erase the content handled by the company if it`s necessary.

• Spaces gives to the user 4 virtual devices in one device, for example: one virtual device for work, one personal, one familial and banking. It can be used to fit the personal preferences of users.

• Your apps and your information still separated in documents, contracts, photos or videos.

• You can personalize in the way that you prefer: in personal, work, family, etc.

Top of the range Hardware

  • Cam: 13 MGpixels
  • Procesor: 1.7 GHz
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Data storage: 32 GB
  • Micro SD to expand even: 160 GB
  • Battery of rapid load
  • Scrren of 5.5” Gorilla Glass


In the physical stores Bitphone and on-line we are commercializing encrypted mobile phones Blackphone2 and we are convinced that this mobile phone is the best that exist today in the market.


Teléfonos móviles encriptados, la única solución para evitar las escuchas telefónicas

Thousands of mobile phones are every year attack by hackers. That means that our calls are intercepted and the only solution to avoid it is the use of encrypted mobile phones.

In Spain, the secret of the calls conversation is a fundamental right and if you want to listen the call conversation of somebody, you need to have a justified reason.

It increases the demand of encrypted mobile phones, especially for professionals who treat for telephone delicate matters.

Every year, in Spain, is realized thousands of listen mobile calls. In general, we can say that there are 4.000 and 5.000 cases of listening of mobile phones, the majority of them are legal, because are using to control operations of capital, political corruption or vigilance to possible criminal. But, also there are many other cases where we speak about ¨illegal pricks¨, which search to obtain a valuable information of politicians, actors, singers, etc.

Only the operations Pokemon and Manga have overcome 200 nomber phones ¨princks¨ in the last two years by order of judge Lugo Pilar de Lara, who was attending to the requirements of the agents in charge of the investigation. The tap numbers is corresponded to councilmen, high charges of the Town Hall of Santiago and persons in charge of companies who work with the local administration, that has as purpose to create a psycosis of permanent vigilance in the region.

The number of monitored persons is increase.

In the last months, the demand of telephonic sure system is increasing, telephones named encrypted phones, especially by companies which employers are treating for telephone matters that might be of interes by other institutions, that might control illegally theirs mobile phone.

There exist many ways to tap a telephonic communication: one of this is the alteration of your SIM card, introducing interception systems or installing in the terminals a software specially destined to intercept calls. At best, these methods are used to control the calls of the children by the parents who are worried by the companies or places that his children frequent, that for the legitimacy of the action of espionage.

Nevertheless, that´s the trace of a sign GSM the methods most used by the security forces and by companies that realize these illegal actions, well to sell the information to third parties or by means of a previous contract. This tracking realizes by means of a technological systems, that can be on the black markets for less than 6.000 euros.

 Encrypted mobile phones, the only option.

To address this problem of privacy communication from an efficient form, encrypted mobile phones terminals is the only option that exist nowadays on the markets, an encryption allows to avoid the theft of the conversations and calls that take place from the mobile or those that enter in.

Some illegal companies are using new strategies greater frequency by the day. Between them it`s activate at a distance the microphone of the mobile without his owner knows what happend, it`s what is named an itinerant interception and can be realized though the device is powered down, turning our mobile into a microphone of environment that will catch everything that happens in the area.

For Emilio Viaña CEO of Factoria Espia : ¨ many of our clients come because they notice as his telephone interferences in audio system, still being powered down, they povoke interferences that are not capable of understanding. It means that the system is hacked as the excessive warming of the terminal and other many factors.

In psysical stores Bitphone and on-line will be commercialize encrypted mobile phones Blackphone2, and we are convinced that it`s the best on the market nowadays.