ATMs Bitcoin Exchange ha comenzado su expansión internacional

ATMs Bitcoin Exchange ,starts its  international expansion by installing a bitcoin cashier in France. 

The chosen location it’s Montpellier ,which is the first of the region Languedoc-Rosellón-Mediodía-Pirineos ,who  has a device.

The company, throughu  Group BTC France, has installed in UNPI 34 Chambre des Propriétaires et Copropriétaires (23 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume).

The cashier,manufactured by BTC fácil, allows the buying and selling bitcoins.It will be administred remotely,thanks to the protocols of the maximum security, two-factor authentication and physical token. His graphical interface,focused on usability,it’s the result of the study of hundreds of consumer reactions to existing equipment previously on the market.It also has some helpful videos,which will explain what is a bitcoin and how you can use the cashier.

Group BTC France makes part of the ATMs Bitcoin Exchange, which is a company founded in Girona,on january 2015, and it has as objectives installing and managing bitcoin cashiers. It also has 18 units in Spain, and started his expansion by installing a cashier in Montepellier,which will be followed by others in South of France and Greece,in the next two months.

Video informativo para usar los cajeros bitcoin de BTCfácil

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ATM Bitcoin Exchange Expands Internationally in France

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France has received a new bitcoin ATM from the ATM Bitcoin Exchange as it starts its international expansion. The latest bitcoin installation in Montpellier brings the number to five.

Group BTC France, subsidiary of the ATM Bitcoin Exchange has installed the new machine at UNPI 34 Chambre des Propriétaires et Copropriétaires 23 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume, according to the company.

The bitcoin ATM, designed by BTC Fácil, permits the purchase and sale of bitcoins – a two-way bitcoin machine – and is administered remotely through the use of security protocols such as tokens and a two-step authentication process.

For those not entirely familiar with bitcoin and how it works, they can take advantage of the onboard screen, equipped with multimedia content designed to inform the user of the core workings of bitcoin and the ATM itself.

ATM Bitcoin Exchange was founded in Gerona in January 2015 with Group BTC France being a part of it. To date, the company has 18 bitcoin ATMs in Spain. This expansion into France is the company’s steps at continuing its international expansion. Over the next few months, it will expand into Southern France and Greece.

Number of Bitcoin ATMs

According to, there are 741 bitcoin ATMs across the world with the U.S. making up the majority with 387. North America currently accounts for 67.75 percent of bitcoin ATMs compared to 23.21 percent in Europe. further reports that there are around 3.43 bitcoin installations each day.

Coinsource, however, remains America’s biggest bitcoin ATM operator after CCN reported earlier this month that it had installed a further four ATMs in the month of July.

Of course, with bitcoin’s popularity on a steady incline, it’s encouraging to see more countries in Europe turning their attention to the installation of bitcoin ATMs for the general public to make use of.

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ATMs Bitcoin Exchange comienza su expansión internacional instalando un cajero de bitcoins en Francia

ATMs Bitcoin exchange begin his international expansion installing a cashier of bitcoin in France. The locality choosed is Montepellier who already possess the fourth ATM`s in France and Montepellier is the first locality of the region Languedoc-Rosellon-Mediodia-Pirineos, en having one. The company, across his subsidiary, Group BTC France, has installed the cashier in UNPI 34, Chambre des Proprietaires et Coproprietaires 23 Paume`s Boulevard du Jeu.

The cashier, designed by BTC Facil, allow to buy and sell bitcoins. It`ll manage by remote form thanks to protocols of the maximum safety, as double user authentification and psysics tokens. His graphical interface centred to the utility, is the result of the study of the reactions of hundreds of consumers before the existing equipments on the market. Also, the ATM´s include videos that explain the basic aspects of the bitcoin and of the use of the cashier.

Group BTC France forms part of ATMs Bitcoin Exchange, a company founded on Gerona in January, 2015 with an objective: to install and manage cashiers of bitcoins and the result is: 18 cashiers in Spain and begins the international expansion with Montepellier, followed by others in the South of France and in Greece during the next months.


Video for use cajeros bitcoin de BTCfácil 

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