Se abre la posibilidad de invertir en UpMining

In our facilities in Pirineo of Huesca UpMining we have increased the electrical power. It’s open up the possibility of investing in mining industry for 48 new miners.

The price for one place is 2700€ Hostmining 60/40

The miners’ owners receive 60% of the mined and the other 40% it’s for covering the installations’ maintenance costs. In case of machine breaks down, this cost is covered with the amount received waiting for being replaced. 

The payments are weekly in bitcoins. The reservations will be carried out according the order of payments. Once the machine is received and activated (in one month approximately) the investor starts to receive the income. 

When the manufacturer guarantee finishes, the company contracts an insurance for possible incidents.

The contract is indefinite until the installation stops being profitable. In every moment, obsolete machines will be replaced by new ones. 

It is possible paying with bitcoins or by bank transfer. 

The recommendations are rewarded with an 1%.

The cryptocurrencies mining is a necessary computational activity to process all the transactions which has been done in all the existing Blochchains. This activity has the aim to keep recorded all the exchanges registered in a security way to maintain safe all the system accounts from the undesirable information. 

As well, and differently of central banks method, it is a way that the knew digital economy creates money and it is distributed to everybody who contribute to realize this work. 

On of the reasons why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been so popular are the rewards obtained for working into the maintenance of the blockchain infrastructure. Cryptocurrencies mining has becoming a secure and a calm way to obtain passive income.