Castellana 200 será el primer centro comercial de Madrid con un cajero automático de bitcoins

As the specialists says, this new technology, can revolutionize financial markets.

The device was manufactured by the company BTCfacil, while the ATMs Bitcoin Exchange was  responsible for its installacion.

The Shopping Center La Castellana 200,from Madrid,  will be the first of their community that will have  a  bitcoin ATMs , that will allow the selling and buying  from this criptodivisa, starting from 12 of september.

In Madrid, are installed 2  more bitcoin cashiers,which are a total of 22 cashiers, spread all over Spain, France and verry soon in Greece.  Mapa situación cajeros Bitcoin

The bitcoin it`s a vitrual medium of exchange which started to work in 2009, and increasingly, more shops  accept this as a way of payment. The bitcoin is not controlled by any gourvement or any company , and you can change almost instantly for real money,and you can fractionate them as you desire.

Also, it`s not necesary  the intervencion of a third person to perform a transaction national or international, and it is verry hard to falsify ,thanks to the cryptographic complexity and offshoring. 

Video informativo para usar un cajero automático bitcoins de BTCfácil

Source:  El Mundo

The intersting news has reached several Daily Press, spanish and japanese, like:Noticias Bancarias ; Gran Consumo ; Press Digital Japan ; La Voz Libre ; Diario Bitcoin ; Territorio Bitcoin ; El Mundo ; Revista Pagos ; InfoCoin 

ATMs Bitcoin Exchange ha comenzado su expansión internacional

ATMs Bitcoin Exchange ,starts its  international expansion by installing a bitcoin cashier in France. 

The chosen location it’s Montpellier ,which is the first of the region Languedoc-Rosellón-Mediodía-Pirineos ,who  has a device.

The company, throughu  Group BTC France, has installed in UNPI 34 Chambre des Propriétaires et Copropriétaires (23 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume).

The cashier,manufactured by BTC fácil, allows the buying and selling bitcoins.It will be administred remotely,thanks to the protocols of the maximum security, two-factor authentication and physical token. His graphical interface,focused on usability,it’s the result of the study of hundreds of consumer reactions to existing equipment previously on the market.It also has some helpful videos,which will explain what is a bitcoin and how you can use the cashier.

Group BTC France makes part of the ATMs Bitcoin Exchange, which is a company founded in Girona,on january 2015, and it has as objectives installing and managing bitcoin cashiers. It also has 18 units in Spain, and started his expansion by installing a cashier in Montepellier,which will be followed by others in South of France and Greece,in the next two months.

Video informativo para usar los cajeros bitcoin de BTCfácil

Fuente: Cointelegraph