BSC es la única empresa española con un sistema legalizado para desarrollar tokens

Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain, Business Excellence | Miquel J. Pavón Besalú, CEO of Bitcoin Startup Capital SA

Miquel J. Pavón Besalú arrived in the world of cryptocurrencies by chance of life. Today it is in front of Bitcoin Startup Capital SA one of the companies of reference in the sector in our country.

What were the origins of BSC?
I worked as a topography professional for 25 years and always, in all that time, I destined a part of my savings to invest in stock market. When my profession suffered a deep pothole I decided to use some of that money in the purchase sale of Bitcoin. First with my money, then with the family and friends. The thing was growing until in 2015 we decided to establish a society that would protect this business.

What are the company’s main business lines?
We have several lines of business:

Development of tokens Bitcoin cashiers?
That’s right. Our trajectory in this field has been growing a lot. We started acquiring a cashier in Madrid that soon saw that it did not work as we wanted, eventually we created an engineering team that was able to develop a cashier according to how we understood that it should be and started to manufacture and provide a Added value: The ATM BTCFácil. Today we have installed about 50 Bitcoin cashiers in various parts of Spain, France, Greece and Argentina. 

The next step was the growth of exclusive GroupBTC franchises, which offer the customer a very personal and informative treatment. There is a lot of ignorance about the cryptos, so we should be able to explain to them what they are, how they work and also, why not say it, to redirect their expectations of profitability.

Tell us about the Token.
The development of the token arose in response to a company’s own need. When the company grew up the need to transform the SL into a SA to streamline a lot of paperwork. We decided that by doing so we could create a token for shareholders, which is nothing more than a virtual proof of ownership of their titles.

What are the advantages of the Token?
These virtual actions are emitted to the bearer and offer to the companies an alternative way when finding financing, because they can be commercialized freely and, in fact, they end up functioning as if they made a traditional capital expansion, only with a whole technological structure behind it. We have encountered many companies that after the crisis opt to develop tokens and avoid traditional bank financing. And in that context, BSC is the only Spanish company with a legalized system to develop tokens.

What are the company’s future challenges?
Continue to be committed to the cryptocoins becoming more and more known to the people of the street. The potential offered by the blockchain is enormous when automating processes linked to payment in an intelligent way and I am convinced that in a few years it will be very present at all levels. We want to be there when that happens and make our experience available to the market, the public and the investors.