How to operate with BSC tokens?

A BSC token is a digital proof of a bearer share of the company Bitcoin Startup Capital SA accredited in the partnership agreement signed before a notary on February 27, 2018.

In order to buy, sell or transfer BSC tokens it is necessary to use an ethereum wallet. We recommend using Metamask. It is an extension that is installed in a browser (Chrome or Firefox, for example) and can be associated with a Trezor or Ledge Nano without problem or create a new wallet from scratch.

Once we have Metamask installed, we can now operate with the BSC token by entering the contract page and selecting the “Write Contract” tab:

Once on the page you just have to activate the “Connect to Web3” option by clicking on the link and we can now operate.

BUY TOKENS BSC: option 7. You just have to put the amount of ether that you want to invest and the tokens are automatically received. The price is indicated in point 10 (buyPrice) that appears on the page (price indicated in weis).

SELL TOKENS BSC: option 11. You just have to put the amount of tokens that you want to sell and the ether is automatically received. The price paid is that indicated in point 4 (sellPrice) that appears on the page (price indicated in weis).

It is important to check, before sending tokens, the balance in ether available in the contract.

TRANSFER TOKENS BSC to other wallet: option 8. Indicate for this destination purse and number of tokens to send.

All holders of shares or tokens must indicate the ethereum and bitcoin wallet to receive the monthly dividends when they are settled based on the benefits obtained to the email [email protected] in accordance with what was agreed at the ordinary shareholders meeting held on June 28, 2019.

The purchase and sale prices of the BSC token are subject to the approval of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

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