Cajero humano Málaga ciudad

Nuevo cajero humano GroupBTC situada en Málaga centro.

Empresa: Autoescuela Km0
Dirección: Avenida Doctor Manuel Domínguez, 10  29010 - MÁLAGA
Dirección: Calle Eugenio Gross, 30  29007 - MÁLAGA
Email de contacto: [email protected]
Teléfonos de contacto: 668556503 y 951994384.

GroupBTC franchise specialized in cryptocurrencies

The business of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies is increasingly in demand in several countries of the world, since these are digital currencies that promise sustainability in the near future. The Bitcoin, although its first appearance was in 2009, is currently still gaining strength and unlike currencies known as the dollar or the euro, is an electronic currency that is efficient and safe to use worldwide.

Currently, investing in cryptocurrencies is a profitable and secure business, because despite the various financial recessions or crises worldwide, the Bitcoin is a free currency, totally independent of the different events at the economic, political and social, therefore, has come to revolutionize the economic transaction system that was known so far.


Starting a Bitcoin business is not as complicated as it seems, with good advice and specific training. The GroupBTC Franchise model is an excellent option.

The Franchise GroupBTC differs, for having a completely innovative design, exclusive and specialized in the sector, highlights the synergy between blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies, the merger of both simultaneously generates excellent performance. The related products in this ecosystem have a great demand, and as for the bitcoin, the permanent availability of the physical and human Bitcoin ATM, together with the personalized commercial attention, offers a high quality service and generates a clientele very loyal.

In GroupBTC we invest in the most innovative projects in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies sector and we have the best tools for our franchisees to generate a good monthly income. We offer you the opportunity to be part of this great project.

“Discover all the advantages of being a GroupBTC franchisee and join the future “