Teléfonos móviles encriptados, la única solución para evitar las escuchas telefónicas

Thousands of mobile phones are every year attack by hackers. That means that our calls are intercepted and the only solution to avoid it is the use of encrypted mobile phones.

In Spain, the secret of the calls conversation is a fundamental right and if you want to listen the call conversation of somebody, you need to have a justified reason.

It increases the demand of encrypted mobile phones, especially for professionals who treat for telephone delicate matters.

Every year, in Spain, is realized thousands of listen mobile calls. In general, we can say that there are 4.000 and 5.000 cases of listening of mobile phones, the majority of them are legal, because are using to control operations of capital, political corruption or vigilance to possible criminal. But, also there are many other cases where we speak about ¨illegal pricks¨, which search to obtain a valuable information of politicians, actors, singers, etc.

Only the operations Pokemon and Manga have overcome 200 nomber phones ¨princks¨ in the last two years by order of judge Lugo Pilar de Lara, who was attending to the requirements of the agents in charge of the investigation. The tap numbers is corresponded to councilmen, high charges of the Town Hall of Santiago and persons in charge of companies who work with the local administration, that has as purpose to create a psycosis of permanent vigilance in the region.

The number of monitored persons is increase.

In the last months, the demand of telephonic sure system is increasing, telephones named encrypted phones, especially by companies which employers are treating for telephone matters that might be of interes by other institutions, that might control illegally theirs mobile phone.

There exist many ways to tap a telephonic communication: one of this is the alteration of your SIM card, introducing interception systems or installing in the terminals a software specially destined to intercept calls. At best, these methods are used to control the calls of the children by the parents who are worried by the companies or places that his children frequent, that for the legitimacy of the action of espionage.

Nevertheless, that´s the trace of a sign GSM the methods most used by the security forces and by companies that realize these illegal actions, well to sell the information to third parties or by means of a previous contract. This tracking realizes by means of a technological systems, that can be on the black markets for less than 6.000 euros.

 Encrypted mobile phones, the only option.

To address this problem of privacy communication from an efficient form, encrypted mobile phones terminals is the only option that exist nowadays on the markets, an encryption allows to avoid the theft of the conversations and calls that take place from the mobile or those that enter in.

Some illegal companies are using new strategies greater frequency by the day. Between them it`s activate at a distance the microphone of the mobile without his owner knows what happend, it`s what is named an itinerant interception and can be realized though the device is powered down, turning our mobile into a microphone of environment that will catch everything that happens in the area.

For Emilio Viaña CEO of Factoria Espia : ¨ many of our clients come because they notice as his telephone interferences in audio system, still being powered down, they povoke interferences that are not capable of understanding. It means that the system is hacked as the excessive warming of the terminal and other many factors.

In psysical stores Bitphone and on-line will be commercialize encrypted mobile phones Blackphone2, and we are convinced that it`s the best on the market nowadays.