Teléfonos encriptados Blackphone 2 ¡más que simplemente inteligente!

A telephone more than intelligent

Nowadays is more difficult to protect our private information, that`s way we created Blackphone2, because it`s safe and we can protect our privacy. It has as operating system the Android strengthen with a suite of applications designed to offer absolute privacy.

A foundation constructed in pursuit of the privacy

Each Blackphone have PtivatOS, personalized operating system that aproaches the worries of nowadays privacy.

Keep protuctive, keep protected

Blackphone has Silent Circle, a collection of pre-installed applications of privacy, which are activated to be used for a year.


Spaces allows to the user to have in one device two accounts: one for personal life and one for work. Is directing specially to the companies, organizations of Government or individuals, and allow to the administration of TI to block and erase the content handled by the company if it`s necessary.

• Spaces gives to the user 4 virtual devices in one device, for example: one virtual device for work, one personal, one familial and banking. It can be used to fit the personal preferences of users.

• Your apps and your information still separated in documents, contracts, photos or videos.

• You can personalize in the way that you prefer: in personal, work, family, etc.

Top of the range Hardware

  • Cam: 13 MGpixels
  • Procesor: 1.7 GHz
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Data storage: 32 GB
  • Micro SD to expand even: 160 GB
  • Battery of rapid load
  • Scrren of 5.5” Gorilla Glass


In the physical stores Bitphone and on-line we are commercializing encrypted mobile phones Blackphone2 and we are convinced that this mobile phone is the best that exist today in the market.