Sant Carlos de la Rápita opens ATM BTCFácil

The rapitences and tourists will already be able to buy and sell Bitcoins, in the new human ATM BTCFácil, computer store Telstar Multimèdia, in Sant Carlos de la Rápita, known for its important seaport, municipality located in the region of Montsiá, Province of Tarragona (Spain).

  • Telstar Multimèdia.
    Timetable: Monday to Saturday 10am to 13h and 5pm to 20h
  • Telf. (+ 34) 619 378 626 – (+ 34) 977 740 797
  • Address: Plaça Carlos III N º 58, Sant Carles de La Ràpita.
  • Email:

Telstar Multimedia bitcoin human ATM

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