Madrid ha estrenado esta semana su seguno cajero automático bitcoin

One of the BTC ATM, is installed on the BitPhone (Cavanilles) shop, and the other at the  BitPhone (Santa Engracia) shop.

The Bitcoin is the most famous digital money in the world. The users and the owners of bitcoin, have in Madrid two BTC ATMs . It´s about a device that allows buying and selling bitcoins.

The Bitcoin it`s a virtual medium of exchange, that started to work in 2009. It`s about a community  project and free software, based on cryptography,and is not controled by any gouverment or any company. The bitcoins can be changed  almost instantly to real money, and more and more comercials accept it as a way of payment. 

The  bitcoin has more advantages than real money, like:  it is annonymous, you can send it as fast and easy as you send an mail, is not necesary the intervencion of a third person to perform a transaction national or international,  you can fractionate them as you desire, and it is verry hard to falsify , thanks to the cryptographic complexity and offshoring.

In the BitPhone Servicios de Telefonía SL shops you can recharge your mobile phone with bitcoins.

In a few easy steps you can recharge your mobile phone with bitcoins, in a safe and private way, in more than 10 countries, making sure your personal informations are confidencial, when using  encrypted connections.

In  BitPhone we work with more than 50 telephone companies, like: Claro,Jazztel,Simyo,Tuenti,Carrefour Móvil,Euskaltel,Happy móvil,Tigo,Personal,Vox,Digicel,Red among others.