La Comunitat Valenciana ha estrenado esta semana dos cajeros automáticos bitcoin

Original news: Levante 

The bitcoin seeks to expand in Valencia. A company of Girona, ATMs Bitcoins Exchange, has released this week two ATMs in Valencia one in the shop Movilsat (Valencia) and other one in the Mall Aljub in Elche, Alicante.

In that it will be possible buy and to sell this criptodivisa. The bitcoin is defined as the Internet currency. It is in use for buying goods and services by means of a system that does not depend on any government, condition or organism that could intervene on the currency.

From now, the acquisition of this currency will be able to be “a” ‘physics’. From the cashier the currency can be bought depositing Euros directly or by means of transfers. The bitcoins settle in a wallet or, in case the user has not this support, it issues a receipt and a key to accede they.

 This cashier inaugurated yesterday is the only one that works in the city. A time ago there was the first attempt, but technical problems propitiated his abandon. In the whole Spain the Catalan company already has sixteen facilities.
The use of the currency is not very extended in the city. Movilsat, the shop of mobile telephony where the cashier has established himself, is one of few points of sale of Valencia that accepts purchases with this currency. ” We begin one year ago. It is not very widespread but it is taken increasingly “, they make clear from the shop. In the world it is calculated that approximately hundred thousand trades accept this currency. The quantities are not known in Valencia or in Spain.
The bitcoin, nevertheless, also has generates interest as route of investment. In these moments, every unit has a price of 484 Euros. It fluctuates depending on the demand and the price is rising every day, they make clear from the shop of telephony Movilsat.
In spite of his almost nominal use, in the C. Valencian it is presumed of the existence of ” several companies of global prestige ” linked to this currency arisen in 2009, makes clear Ramon Quesada, of the Valencian Association of bitcoin and other technologies Avalbit.

Between them Bitnovo, a start up that has developed a credit card that can be loaded with bitcoins and that is accepted in any establishment that works with MasterCard, indicates Quesada.
Also Octopocket, a company that has created a multidivided portfolio (between them the bitcoin) that is executed directly across the app Telegram and with that any user can store, send and receive the Internet currency. From the association also they emphasize the inhabitant of Castellón Entropy Factory, an incubator that develops different projects linked to this currency.