El Centro Comercial Ribera del Xúquer, Carcaixent (Valencia) dispone de su primer cajero automático bitcoin

The users can exchange their real money into bitcoin with a trasfer of maximum of 2.000 euro for an operation

The “Bitcoin” lands in Ribera. Carcaixent is the first locality of the region that possesses a cash dispenser of this criptodivisa. The company ATMs Bitcoins Exchange, with headquarters in Girona, it has installed in the Ribera del  Xúquer Shopping Center and already it´s operative.

The device designed and made by the company BTC, Facil,  allows the purchase and sale of bitcoins. The ” currency of Internet “, according to his own creators, looks for his expansion in the Comunitat Valenciana, where already cashiers were opened in Valencia or Elx last June.

The bitcoin is defined as a criptodivisa, a digital way of exchange of value, which started to work in 2009. It´s about a   a community project and of free software, based on cryptography, that it depends neither on the government of any condition nor of any centralized organism.

The bitcoins can be exchanged almost instantly for  real money ,and, though they are in a slow process of adjustment, every time there are more trades of all kinds that they it accept as a way of payment.

The locality of Ribera plays an important role in a zone in which the company has showed a great interest: ” We Understand that the zone of the Mediterranean is perfect to expand the cashiers’ offer, principally because it is a question of a powerful economy, to attract tourists’ big quantities every year and to possess people opened enough for the use of the new technologies “, to explain the own entity.

Across this one, anyone will be able to realize the exchange of currencies between Euros and bitcoins, with a maximum limit of 2.000 Euros for operation, good across a monetary revenue or across a bank transfer.

 This new system relies on his own method of storage of money, that, not to complicate the people, they have been called simply a wallet. When a person acquires this criptodivisa the transaction remains registered in this support or, in case he does not arrange of him, a receipt and a key is issued to accede to her.



Video informativo para usar los cajeros automaticos bitcoin de BTCfácil

Mapa de cajeros BTCfácil a tiempo real

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