Bitcoin Startup Capital SA will issue 100 million tokens BSC

As agreed on June 30th, 2017, at the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of company Bitcoin Investors Trust SL it proceed to process the change of social name to BITCOIN STARTUP CAPITAL SA and to issue a total of 100 million tokens BSC (without decimals) based on ethereum. Which will be on the market 1,200,000 token equivalent to 12% of the company’s share capital.

Each token BSC is equal to a social share of Bitcoin Startup Capital SA, They are entitled to receive the monthly dividend, and from the day of launch they will be quoted.

Timetable to market (reservation period).

    – From July 7th to July 15th: 2.50 euros / share.

– From July 16th to July 31th: 5.00 euros / share.

– From August 1rst to August 15th: 10.00 euros / share.

– From August 16th to August 31th: 15.00 euros / share.

– From September 1st to September 15th: 20.00 euros / share.

– From September 16th to September 30th: € 24.90 / share.

– Token official launch date : October 1rt: 25.00 euros / token BSC.

Unsold token will be owned by the company.


Ticker : BSC.

To buy BSC tokens: can do it directly in contract using Metamask label: write contract. Link:

Important: For to receive dividends send ethereum and bitcoin wallet to:

Process to follow: MetaMask wallet may be used for storing tokens. It is a plugin that is installed in the Chrome or Firefox browser.

Jornada puertas abiertas de la empresa Bitcoin Startup Capital SA

La convocatoria es para el próximo viernes 30 de junio del 2017 a las 17h. en el hotel Carlemany de Girona.

La reunión constará de dos partes:

17:00h a 19:00h simpatizantes y nuevos inversores. Se dará una visión global de las monedas digitales, ventajas, principales líneas de negocio del grupo, inversiones, actividad de la empresa y planes de futuro.

19:00h a 20:00h exclusiva para socios partícipes de la empresa. Junta ordinaria anual y extraordinaria para desarrollar y votar los puntos del orden del día.